Ricardo Valenzuela

Seattle native Ricardo Valenzuela is a dynamic multi-instrumentalist. Ricardo has been a fixture on the Northwest music scene for over 30 years. He has performed and recorded with several local singer/songwriters, and shared the bill with artists such as The Guess Who, Christopher Cross, Crosby Stills & Nash, Huey Lewis & the News, and Los Lobos. 
With his strong voice and versatile guitar playing style, Ricardo has been a member of area bands such as Athenz, 22/20, Chain Reaction, AquaVinyl, The Encounters, Magazine, and the Edward Paul Trio. Not only a seasoned guitarist and singer, Ricardo is also an accomplished bass player, drummer, and percussionist.

Mark Pendolino

Mark Pendolino is the type of drummer who can't sit still. His lead vocals and harmonies are head turning. 
Having played percussion and singing for over 20 years in a variety of bands across the West, Mark can play anything from country to pop, punk to funk. Mark's outstanding sense of rhythm has provided the backbeat groove to propel the music forward in many different environments. 
Some of the bands Mark has worked with include: The Hethrows, Bernice and Vegas DeMilo from San Francisco; Chilliwhip, 3-Headed Soul and Mozart's Revenge from Denver; Area 51 from Las Vegas; and Mudbug, Knox, Mark Lilly, Threeve and Loophole from Seattle. Mark's percussion and driving rhythms are the foundational back beats of One Love Bridge.

Alan Hardwick

Alan Hardwick studied classical and jazz saxophone under Greg Yasinitsky, Brent Jensen, and David Hagelganz at Washington State University. His smooth sounds and thoughtful blends will get you out of your seat. A multi-instrumentalist, Alan plays guitar, percussion, bass, and keyboards, as well as being a talented vocalist.  He re-entered the Seattle music scene playing with the Edward Paul Trio and sharing the stage with Emmy winner Bryan Duncan in 2017.  Alan has recently begun co-authoring and recording collaborations with other local artists in his home studio.   Alan lives in Edmonds, Washington with his wife and their four-legged boys, Arthur, Walter, and Sherman.

Gary Sparling

Gary Sparling is a Seattle native and veteran of the Northwest music scene.  He has played bass and sung lead and background vocals in bands and theater productions playing rock, pop, country, folk, and original music in Washington, Oregon, British Columbia and Alberta.  His bands have shared the stage with A Flock of Seagulls, Starship, Anne McCue, and Heart by Heart, to name just a few.  A rabid bass and gear collector, Gary is pleased and honored to be able to contribute his well-honed sense of groove and vocals to the considerable musical talents of Rico, Alan and Mark.

What's In a Name? 

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, three cool cats said to each other, "Let's groove", ...and so they did. But first, they needed to tell the people in Live Musicland who they were. Many, many fun band names were batted around, but none seemed just right. They needed something that would stand for who they are and the connection they had to each other, and their groovin' listeners. What name could possibly bridge that gap? They waited patiently for a sign, a real sign...something that came to them clearly. Something that was clearly spelled out and stood for all the people and then- BAM! And so it began...